Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Favorite Class (30 Days of D&D)

I'm continuing to do the D&D 30-day-challenge. Today's entry is about my favorite class.

My favorite class is the paladin. Specifically, the first edition paladin. Originally I liked the Paladin because I liked heroic stories with goody two-shoes characters. Now that I prefer a more gray setting, I like the idea of the paladin as a character given extra capacity in order to survive in a world that's not very friendly to his way of doing things.

I now see paladins as sort of doomed, a la (Book 1 of Game of Thrones spoilers here) Ned Stark. Following the rules is a thankless job in a gray world. That being said, death comes to most characters in AD&D, paladins just hope it can be a noble death in the name of something good.

Image attribution: Dos Equis

I think this is general best practice for paladin-hood. Do something cool before everyone gets sick of you.

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